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Learn Sewing With Us!



There are three ways to learn sewing with us:

- Private Sewing Lessons

- Flourish Threads' Snip and Sew Party

- Seasonal Sewing Course (For Pricing/booking Click Below)

Description of Lessons/ Courses



Private Sewing Lessons


Want to focus on specific skills?  Or do you have a garment that you'd like help creating?  You can receive one-on-one guidance with our private sewing lessons. Classes will resume in June 2023 .


Cost per session is $60 for 2 hours.


These can be scheduled at a time convenient for you. Send an email to to schedule a sessions

or click the button above.


Snip And Sew Party


At this event, everything you need is Provided: A sewing machine (information below) materials, food, refreshment and fun!  No experience required-- Just bring yourself, and leave with a smile, full tummy, and a beautiful garment that YOU created! These are held on a Saturday from 2PM-6PM.


The total cost for the party is $60. Each party requires that you send an email to to reserve your spot. An invoice will be  sent and must be paid for reservation. 


We held our very first Snip and Sew Party in March 2015! See our Instagram page for recent pictures @Flourishthreads.

Since then, we've held a few more Snip and Sews and each one has been a success! Each Class features a different garment to be made.  Some were so popular, we may have to hold another one making the same garment, so more people can get a chance to create. Refreshments are served.




Seasonal Sewing Course


The lessons are held for six to seven weeks depending on the plan you choose.


Each session is starts at $385 per person, and all materials and machinery will be supplied while on site.  Classes are for males and females age 16 & up. We teach on a variety of machines including:


Singer 4423 Heavy Duty (Basic machine)

Husqvarna H Class 100Q (Combination)

Husqvarna Sapphire 3500 (Computerized machine)

We also have sergers and embroidery machines.

**If you own a sewing machine that you would prefer to use, please feel free to bring it with you!


Here is the subject matter for each lesson:

**Dates for subsequent lessons are subject to change with due notice.


Lesson #1 - Sewing Basics & Terms

Here is where you learn, the machine-- the different parts, the settings and their purposes, and the terms and skills you will use on just about any garment.  Sew your first seam with one-on-one guidance from our instructors!  We will also set expectations for the course. 


Lesson #2 - Using & Reading Patterns

Time to learn how to use those commercial bought patterns! You will learn how to select, read, iron and cut a pattern. We will also demonstrate how to cut out the fashion fabric according to the directions.


Lesson #3 - Sew Your Garment!

That's right! After only 2 classes, you are ready to make your garment! We will work through the pattern step by step until the garment is finished.  The garment will change for each course depending on the season and particpants.


Lesson #4 - Design & Create Your Own Pattern

Design and sketch a garment that you want to make, and we will help you create the pattern for it. We will demonstrate how to use both paper and fabric to create your pattern.  Then you can make your design whenever your heart desires!


Lesson #5 - Sewing Your Design

Now you will create the garment that you designed from last session, using the pattern you made.  This is all YOU (we'll be there to guide you, of course). We will also briefly go over some tips for shopping at the fabric stores when you're ready to venture out and and do it all from scratch.


Lesson #6 - Sewing Your Design 2 

More time to help you complete your design.  For those who may have finished, we have some helpful skills and practice exercises that can be done during the alloted time.  All-in-all, it's another opportunity to use those skills you learned!


Lesson #7 - Wildcard Lesson

Our final lesson!  Based on the goals that you set in Lesson 1, we will work through some exercises to help boost your confidence as a fellow seamer!

Interested or have questions?  Email, book online,

or use our contact form to reserve your spot for upcoming sessions. 

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