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Sewing is my Passion and Therapy !


My Name is Yolanda and I love to create!


I started sewing when I was 14 years old.  I started altering thrift shop finds and creating quirky styles I would dream up.  I learned from women in my family and caught on quickly to teach myself new skills.  I made sure i taught my daughter Tia, at the age of 9.   She starting out sewing small garments for her baby brother.  Commercial patterns helped us grow our skillset along with DIY videos on YouTube. We founded Flourish Threads together. We began sewing for hire. Creating custom pieces and ready made items for Men, Women, Cats, and Dogs. After becoming very busy and successful in the IT field, Tia handed the torch (so to speak) to me.  We are each others greatest supporters. From time to time we still manage to create together. Old habits die hard.  She's one of my best friends. 

I have a great love for people and love of sewing. Creating custom items is still one of my favorite things to do and making people happy is another.​  I found early in my sewing career that it is therapy!!  When I am sewing it is my main focus.  Everything else, fades into the background.  I put love in every piece I create.This is why I teach sewing as well.   I love sharing what I love to do.  I know it will help others feel happy while also learning a skill.  


I offer sewing classes for those living in or around the Baltimore, MD area.  These are small class settings that give you the opportunity to receive one-on-one, hands-on experience.  In the class, you learn sewing basics, how to complete a garment using commercial patterns, and you get to design, pattern and create a garment from your imagination! Three times a year we give Sewing Parties!! Its is SEW MUCH FUN! (Pun intended). Check out this site for more details and to learn more about the ways I teach.  I hope you enjoy the love I have for sewing through the classes and through the garments I make.



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